Warrior Martial Arts Academy

When you are done playing karate

Come train like a Warrior


(Ages 5-9)

Utilizing Martial Arts and Movement influenced Games and Drills we help students develop through their PHYSICAL, INTELLECTUAL, EMOTIONAL & SOCIAL STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT. We teach our Warrior Virtues to help develop your child to grow and thrive.

Using our Warrior Virtues and life lessons we help to develop your child into the best version of themselves!


These classes are Monday & Wednesday Nights.

Please visit our Schedule Page for times!


(Ages 8-17)     /   (Ages 18+)

Training in Tang Soo Do, Hap Ki Do & Uechi Ryu to complete the first phase of your Martial Arts Journey to Black Belt. Teaching students the basics to prepare for advanced training at Black Belt and Beyond.

Our classes consist of Hyungs (Forms), Kicking, Blocking, Punching, Self Defense, Fitness, and Rolling & Falling. We will encourage and push all students to overcome challenges and continue to grow and excel as a martial artist and a person.  

See our WHAT WE TEACH Page for more informtion about the styles we teach.